With ever growing road and traffic safety concerns, someone needs to take responsibilities towards focusing on issues related towards road and traffic management. 7M is an established road and traffic safety products manufacturers, supplier and dealer that aids in creating the best traffic and road safety products that helps in bringing the best traffic management. With the mixture of innovation, hard work and best raw material, 7M products provides world class solutions for traffic flow management.



Every product in 7M catalogue might be same as any other traffic safety product list, but the ideas and hard work that our team puts in preparing that perfect road and traffic safety product (traffic cones, barricades, speed breakers, corner guards etc.) are one of its kind. Our products can be referred as your best friend in traffic flow management because one of its easy to use characteristic. We always make sure every product manufactured or supplied by us ready to use at any time.


Competitively Priced

An assurance from our side any product be it a traffic cone, reflective jacket or a searchlight, our prices will always impress you along with our products range that helps to make smart decisions on your ordering.


Available Anytime For Follow Ups

Not able to understand how to use the product? Or do you find some is not correct in our product? Our customer care executives are available for on-call and in-person services to help you choose the right products for your needs.


Sustaining The Quality Standards

While aiming of becoming the pioneers of road and traffic safety products, our team always ensures that the quality standards are never compromised at any part of the process. As it is said, excellence is a blend of quality, innovation and technology, our team make sure an unblemished product is showcased in front of our clients that represent our skills.


Order Size Is Just A Number

We encourage small orders as much as we love getting bulk orders. An order is an order irrespective to its size. We don’t underestimate any order from any corner of the world. Our clients and their beliefs in our products is what motivates us everyday to think beyond and create innovative traffic and road safety products that helps them in traffic management. A speed breaker for your colony or multiple speed breakers for an area will always constitute an equal amount of dedication and hard work, because we believe in building trust and honour.


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